What Is My Elevation?


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What Is My Elevation

Quickly answer ‘What is my elevation’ using your device’s location

What Is My Elevation: Find your current elevation based on your device’s location. For best results, allow permission to use your location when prompted by your browser. The panel above the map will show your elevation, and a red marker will show your location on Google Maps.

This page is optimized for fast loading on a mobile device so that you can quickly answer What Is My Current Elevation. Your current elevation is sometimes also referred to as your altitude measurement above mean seal level (MSL) or your distance above sea level. For an interactive elevation map, including elevation profiles, contours, the ability to search elevation by address, and view city and county boundaries on a fully interactive Google Map, use the Elevation map tool.

Quick Tips for using this Elevation Finder map tool

  • Your browser will ask your permission to use your location* so that this elevation tool can use your device’s GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) to determine what elevation you are currently at. It will then display your current elevation (in feet in the US, meters in the rest of the world), as well as city, township, county and state above the map.
  • If you do not allow permission to use your location, this tool approximates your location (and therefore your elevation) based on the ip address of your browser’s internet connection.
  • If you wish to find your elevation by address or place, click the map to be taken to the Elevation map tool.
  • If you get the error message above the map stating Browser settings set to not share your location, on mobile you can reload the page to be prompted to share your location. On desktop, you can allow location permission in Chrome by clicking the padlock icon in your browser address bar and toggling the Location slider on as shown below. The page will reload with location permissions granted.
Allow Location Permission

* this website does not store your location

The panel above the map shows your current elevation, as well as county, city, township and state. If you’re at home, this tool will tell you what the ground elevation of your house is.

FAQs for What Is My Elevation?

What is my elevation?
This What Is My Elevation map tool shows your current elevation on Google Maps based on your device location.
How do I find out my current elevation?
This Current Elevation map tool displays your current elevation on Google Maps based on your device location.

Answer questions about your current elevation, including:

  • current elevation
  • elevation at my location
  • elevation where I am
  • my elevation now
  • what is my altitude
  • what is my elevation above sea level
  • present elevation
  • what’s my elevation right now

Coverage Notes

  • Elevation coverage is worldwide. In the U.S., the vertical accuracy is typically within 8ft (2.44m), in the rest of the world the vertical accuracy is typically within 16m (52.5ft).
  • The elevation shown is ground elevation, excluding trees, buildings and any other surface objects.


– US: United States Geological Survey
– Rest of World: U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Labratory

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