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Frequently Asked Questions

Map & Search Tools
How do I use the map and search tools?

Instructions for each tool can be found directly underneath the map or search box on each page. You can also view the help videos. Also, the data sources for the map tools are shown at the bottom of each map tool page.

Map Tools
How can I share a link to a map I am viewing?

To share the map, click the “Share/Save Map” button in the lower left corner of the map. This will save the map, including the layers being viewed, the center point, and the location of the blue dot, and more. Whoever you share the link with will see the same map view that you see. Monthly Contributors can also click the “Save to My Account” button once in the “Share/Save Map” window!

Map Tools
How do I show my current location on the map?

Click the small circle button ( ◉ ) in the upper right corner of each map tool to re-center the map on your current location (location will be most accurate on smartphones containing a GPS with both cellular and wi-fi enabled). There are also many Current Location Tools that go immediately to your current location.

Map Tools
How do I print the map?

Click the “Print” button in the upper right corner of the map window on your desktop browser. A Print preview window appears where you can adjust page size, print to PDF etc. To do a screenshot, click the “Cancel” button in the Print preview window and then use your favorite screen capture tool (or Windows logo key+Shift+S on Windows). When finished printing or doing your screen capture, click the “DONE Printing” button in the upper right corner above the map. Learn more about printing here.

mapBuilder – Custom Maps
How can I create a custom map?

There are many types of custom maps you can create by using the mapBuilder form found below most of the map tools. Create maps from custom groupings of ZIP Codes (5-digit or 3-digit) or US Counties. Plus, Monthly Contributors can draw points/lines/shapes, and create maps live-linked to Google Sheets or imported from Google My Maps, Google Earth and more. Also, learn more in the Custom Maps section of this website!

mapBuilder – Custom Maps
Can I draw and measure on the map?

Yes, Monthly Contributors can draw points, lines and shapes on any map, and then save the drawings and finished maps to their My Account dashboard for easy access and retrieval. The saved drawings can then be added to any map you create, and can be combined with any other mapBuilder module (such as custom areas and custom points). Also, length and area are displayed when you draw or edit a line or shape.

mapBuilder – Custom Maps
What is a Saved Drawing vs a Saved Map?

A Saved Drawing can contain many shapes that you draw (points, lines and/or shapes) all of the same color. A Saved Map is the finished map, which can contain many Saved Drawings, as well as other map layers you created with mapBuilder, such as custom areas from ZIP Codes or counties, custom points from a live-linked Google Sheet, and so on. Saved Maps also remember what other map layers are visible, label settings, your map’s center point, zoom level, base map type (roadmap, satellite, terrain), and so on. Saved Drawings can be re-used and added to many maps. If you edit a Saved Drawing (e.g. change its shape or color), those edits will automatically be reflected in any Saved Maps that the Saved Drawing is part of. Links to Saved Maps (which may include Saved Drawings) can be shared so they can be viewed by others who do not have an account, such as this example Study Area Map (anyone with the link can view this map).

mapBuilder – Custom Maps
Is there a list of color names I can use in my Google Sheet for my custom map?

You can use any browser-supported color name or any 6-digit hex color code.

mapBuilder – Custom Maps
How do I show a map on my website?

Many companies/people take a screenshot of the map to insert on their website. Be sure to follow the guidelines and preserve the copyright notices at the bottom of the map, and a link back to the map tool on this website.

mapBuilder – Custom Maps
Can I embed the map tool on my website?

A map image, yes. The map tool itself, no. The technology and licensing used by the map tools does not allow for this. As another option, see “How do I show a map on my website?”.

How do I learn about the latest updates to the tools?

Subscribe to e-mail updates.

Map Images
Do you have static map images?

Yes, see the Reference Maps section of this website for static maps by state, including counties, city limits, civil townships, ZIP Codes and Section Township Range.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
Why can’t I Sign in with Google?

You need to be a Monthly Contributor in order to Sign in with Google.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
I am a Monthly Contributor. How do I sign in?

Check these tips and steps for signing in.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
How do I get access to ad-free fullscreen map and search tools?

Click the ‘JOIN NOW’ button on this page.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
What benefits do I receive for being a Monthly Contributor?

View the benefits of being a Monthly Contributor.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
How do I save a map?

To save a map, Monthly Contributors can click the “Share/Save Map” button, then give the map a name and click the “Save to My Account” button. NOTE: Some browsers such as Firefox block pop-ups by default, so you may need to enable popups on randymajors.org for this functionality to work.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
How do I update the credit card details or billing address for my subscription?

To update your credit card number, expiration or security code/CVC, go to My Account > My Subscriptions and click the “Change Payment” button.

To update the ZIP Code associated with your billing address, go to My Account > Billing address and click the “Edit” link.

Sign In / Monthly Contributor
How do I cancel my Monthly Contributor subscription?

Go to your My Account > My Subscriptions page where you can cancel or modify your subscription.

When you cancel, you will still have access to the ad-free website through the end of your current monthly term. After 30 days of cancelling or failing to complete a monthly contribution payment, any Saved Maps or Saved Drawings will be deleted from your account and cannot be recovered.

Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker
How do I use the Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker Chrome extension?

Find general information on the Chrome extension here. Then, once installed, follow all of these steps. You can also watch a video walkthrough of the Auto-Checker.

Help Videos and Video Walkthroughs

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