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Frequently Asked Questions

Map & Search Tools
How do I use the map and search tools?

Instructions for each tool can be found directly underneath the map or search box on each page. You can also view the help videos. Also, the data sources for the map tools are shown at the bottom of each map tool page.

Map Tools
How can I share a link to a map I am viewing?

Because the map tools constantly update the URL to reflect the layers being viewed, the center point, and the location of the blue dot, you can simply copy/paste the URL from your browser’s address bar (or, use the Share Map button on the left side of the map). Whoever you share the link with will see the same map view that you see!

Map Tools
Can I draw on the map?

Yes. Click the Drawing Tools button on the left side of the map, then choose from point, line, shape or rectangle. If you then take a screenshot, your drawings will appear in the image you capture (sorry, drawings will not be preserved when you share a map link).

Map Tools
How do I print the map?

Choose “Print” from your browser’s menu, OR right-click anywhere on the web page OUTSIDE of the map and choose “Print”. To best fit the page, the map will be printed in landscape orientation. On occasion, some browsers will not fill the page with the map; if this happens, try adjusting print margins or refresh the page and try again. Another option is to simply do a screen capture and paste the image into your favorite photo or document editor to print.

Map Tools
How do I show my current location on the map?

Click the small circle button ( ◉ ) in the upper right corner of each map tool to re-center the map on your current location (location will be most accurate on smartphones containing a GPS with both cellular and wi-fi enabled). There are also many Current Location Tools that go immediately to your current location.

Custom Maps
How can I create a custom map?

There are many types of custom maps to choose from in the Custom Maps section of this website. Create maps from ZIP Codes (5-digit or 3-digit), counties, section township range, states, historical counties and more!

Custom Maps
How do I show a map on my website?

Many companies/people take a screenshot of the map to insert on their website. Be sure and preserve the copyright notices at the bottom of the map, and a link back to the map tool on this website.

Custom Maps
Can I embed the map tool on my website?

No. The technology and licensing used by the map tools does not allow for this. As another option, see “How do I show a map on my website?”.

How do I learn about the latest updates to the tools?

Subscribe to e-mail updates.

Map Images
Do you have static map images?

Yes, see the Reference Maps section of this website for static maps by state, including counties, city limits, civil townships, ZIP Codes and Section Township Range.

Sign In / Contributor
Why can’t I Sign in with Google?

You need to be a Monthly Contributor in order to Sign in with Google.

Sign In / Contributor
I am a Contributor. How do I sign in?

Check these tips and steps for signing in.

Sign In / Contributor
How do I get access to ad-free fullscreen map and search tools?

Here’s how to get access.

Sign In / Contributor
How do I cancel my monthly contributions?

Go to this link on PayPal to cancel at any time. If you paid by credit card without a PayPal account, please request the cancellation using the Contact Support form below. When you cancel, you will still have access to the ad-free website through the end of your current monthly period.

One-time Contributions
Do you accept one-time contributions?

Yes, thank you for asking! You can make a one-time contribution by clicking “Sign In or Join” in the upper right of any page, then at the bottom of the right side panel that appears, look for the Contribute button underneath “Say thanks with a one-time contribution”. Note the one-time contribution does not provide the Monthly Contributor benefits.

Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker
How do I use the Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker Chrome extension?

Find general information on the Chrome extension here. Then, once installed, follow all of these steps. You can also watch a video walkthrough of the Auto-Checker.

Help Videos and Video Walkthroughs

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Get access to Ad-Free Fullscreen Map & Search tools

Enjoy an ad-free experience across this entire website! Plus, get access to mapBuilder and much more!

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Get access to Ad-Free Fullscreen Map & Search tools

Enjoy an ad-free experience across this entire website! Plus, get access to mapBuilder and much more!

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