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Create free custom interactive maps with mapBuilder!

Create custom areas from a list of ZIP Codes, or color-code multiple ZIP Codes or Counties from a live-linked spreadsheet! Perfect for sales/service territories, delivery zones or visualizing research data. Choose which other map layers to show, such as county lines and city limits. Add a map title, choose colors and more. Create a shareable link to your finished interactive map!

Find mapBuilder directly under most map tools on this website!

Want to add your own custom points to any map?

Custom Areas from 3-digit ZIP Codes
Add Custom Points in mapBuilderPro

Monthly Contributors can also add custom points to any map in several ways:

Add points from a live-linked spreadsheet using Google Sheets*

Import a KML file from Google My Maps, Google Earth, or GIS software*

Mix and match: You can add BOTH a custom area source and a custom point source on the same map!

Or, add a single point to your map by clicking the map or searching for an address

* Spreadsheets and KML files MUST contain longitude and latitude coordinates in decimal degrees. Geocoded addresses without coordinates are NOT supported.

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Create Custom Areas from ZIP Codes or Counties

Historical U.S. Counties Chrome extension:
Active while searching on Ancestry & FamilySearch


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Create Custom Areas from ZIP Codes or Counties

Map custom points from a live-linked spreadsheet

Import points from Google My Maps, Google Earth & more

Historical U.S. Counties Chrome extension:
Active while searching on Ancestry & FamilySearch

Location fact-checking in Ancestry Trees

LifeMap for Ancestry Trees

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Historical U.S. Counties Chrome extension

Genealogy lovers: let this FREE tool do the location work for you as you search on Ancestry & FamilySearch!

While searching on Ancestry or FamilySearch, the free Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker extension for Google Chrome* automatically checks that the county existed in the year you are searching, checks for valid places, warns of boundary changes, and links to historical county boundaries on Google Maps for the place and years you are searching!

Install for free today and never let an ancestor fall off the map again!

U.S. county boundaries have changed over 17,600 times since America was settled in colonial times. Don’t sabotage your search for ancestors by not knowing the correct county for the historical years you are researching.

Location fact checking in Ancestry family trees

Location fact-checking in Ancestry family trees

Monthly Contributors also get Auto-Checker functionality for all U.S. locations in on Person profile pages in trees!

LifeMap for Ancestry family trees

Monthly Contributors also get LifeMap: from each person profile page on, you can link to a LifeMap showing all of the U.S. locations for each fact on the page. Then, click the points on the map and see the historical U.S. county boundaries as they existed at the time of each life event!

LifeMap in Ancestry family trees

* The Auto-Checker extension supports the following browsers: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium

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Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker
How do I use the Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker Chrome extension?

Find general information on the Chrome extension here. Then, once installed, follow all of these steps. You can also watch a video walkthrough of the Auto-Checker.