Quick update: Map labels that don’t suck

Have you tried showing map labels in the past and notice they take sooooo long to draw (especially on very detailed map tools like Section Township Range)?

Us too, and we finally found a way to improve it. In fact, labels now draw nearly instantly rather than the 10-20 seconds that it would take labels to finish drawing in the past.

And we think they look better now too (old on the left, new on the right):

New, improved map labels on the right

So now on any of the main map tools on randymajors.org, you no longer have to dread displaying labels. Check that labels checkbox in the lower left corner of the maps and check them out!

Happy mapping!

You no longer have to dread showing map labels

8 thoughts on “Quick update: Map labels that don’t suck”

  1. Amazing work! And not just the map labels. Love all of your MAP and CURRENT LOCATION tools. Thank you.

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