Two Enhancements: Search by GPS Coordinates (lat, long) and New Blog Home

Find lat long button

Map tools on have a simple new way to find a location on the map using latitude and longitude, another much-requested feature.

To search by lat/long (sometimes referred to as GPS coordinates), click the “Find lat long” button in the upper right corner above the map. You can search by either typing or pasting (Ctrl+V) coordinates into the box and hitting the Enter key.

The “Find lat long” button flexibly accepts a variety of formats, including:

  • Decimal degrees, such as 40.44155, -80.00101
  • Degrees minutes and seconds with symbols, such as 34° 3' 8.1'' N 118° 14' 52.8'' W
  • Degrees and decimal minutes, such as 41 53.4894 N 87 36.8916 W
  • Degrees minutes and seconds, dot separated, such as 47.36.27N 122.19.59W
  • and many more…

In all cases, once you hit the Enter key, the map will be re-centered on your chosen location and the decimal degrees version of the location will be shown in the “Lat, Long” label found in the light blue bar above the map.

I hope you enjoy this new latitude longitude functionality!

Also, a new home for the map tool updates and tips

The tool updates and tips can now be found on the Blog link on the right side of the menu bar on every page on All the same content, just a new home for it. Clicking the logo in the upper left will now take you to the homepage rather than the blog updates.

Happy mapping!

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