Bring your maps to life with Dynamic Maps!

A much-requested map feature is now available — Dynamic Maps. By “Dynamic Maps” we mean maps that show you the answer you’re looking for simply by hovering your mouse over the map!

As you can see in the example map, as you hover your mouse over the map (without clicking the mouse), Dynamic Maps automatically displays the name of the feature you’re looking at right above your mouse cursor.

For example, if you’re using the County Lines tool, then the county name at your mouse cursor’s location will be displayed. If you’re using the ZIP Codes tool, then the ZIP Code will be displayed. If you’re using the City Limits map tool…you get the picture.

Of course, you can still click the map as before and it will drop a blue dot at the location you clicked and display the full information about the location in the blue bar above the map.

Pro Tips

This feature is very useful if you’re using the Selection Tools or Drawing Tools to select ZIP Codes, counties, etc as it will show you what you’re about to select or draw over even before clicking the map. This can be very useful if you’re interactively selecting ZIP Codes or counties for single service/delivery areas, multiple custom territories, sales territories and more.

On some tools such as Section Township Range, as you zoom in, Dynamic Maps will show you more detailed information about the location you’re hovering over, progressively adding details such as the section, quarter section and so on.

When you have the “Show labels” checkbox checked on your map, names will no longer appear when you hover your mouse (as it would be redundant information since the labels say the same thing).

Want to deactivate Dynamic Maps? Click the blue dot to hide it and Dynamic Maps will be deactivated. Once you click the map again, the blue dot will appear and Dynamic Maps will be reactived.


This may seem like simple functionality — and in some respects, it is — but this Dynamic Map functionality actually results in a stream of constant requests to the servers in the cloud, and as a result this functionality is only available to Monthly Contributors.

Also, Dynamic Map functionality works only on desktop browsers because, well, there is no mouse to hover on a mobile device! You’ll just have to tap the map with your finger the old fashioned way when you’re on your phone.

Happy mapping!

3 thoughts on “Bring your maps to life with Dynamic Maps!”

    I have a laundry list of “map” sites (~225 of them…) and yours is THE ONLY ONE to essentially have any real intelligence – for example I was looking for time zones and in wasting some oh, 2 hours of plodding around, with bad “search engine” grammar, the sloppy no-longer so-called “Boolean Logic” mess: nothing works any more. But here we are!

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