By Popular Demand: Improved Map Printing and Screenshots!

The ability to print your maps is one of the most requested features we’ve been asked about over the years. For various boring yet tedious technical reasons, printing was not possible or highly inconsistent up until now.

Now there is a new “Print” button available to take the pain out of printing your map and taking screenshots. Just click the “Print” button located in the upper right corner of the map on your desktop browser:

Print button in upper right corner of map

You will then be presented with a Print preview window where you can print to your connected printer or save to a PDF file:

New map Print preview window

Note that the map window has all of the buttons and tools removed from the print window so that you have a nice unobscured map view when you print!

What if you want to do a screenshot instead?

No worries! Simply click the “Cancel” button in the Print preview window, and you will be taken back to the map window with all of the buttons and tools still removed so you can use your favorite screen capture tool (or Windows logo key+Shift+S on Windows).

Once you are done printing or doing the screenshot, just click the “DONE Printing” button in the upper right corner above the map in order to bring back all of the tools and buttons:

TIP: If you wish to remove the blue dot from the map before printing, just click the blue dot and it will disappear until you click the map again.

PRO TIP: Map labels draw slowly in print mode, so if you have lots of map labels, use this method which draws labels much more quickly: Click the Toggle Fullscreen button in the upper right corner (available to Monthly Contributors) and then use the screenshot shortcut: Windows logo key+Shift+S on Windows.

Note that the map printout and screenshot will contain a small “source:” attribution in the lower left (the attribution font size is much smaller for Monthly Contributors).

I hope this improvement goes a long way toward removing some of the pain from printing your map masterpieces!

Happy mapping!

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