Custom Map tools now make it easier to know if an address is located within your custom area

Now when you build a custom map using the mapBuilder on the Custom Area Maps or Custom Color-Coded Map tools, you will easily be able to tell if an address is located within your custom area. For example, if you create this link to a map of a Home Care Service Area, you will see a map like the following, with the blue message at the top indicating whether or not that location is within your custom area:

A message is also displayed just below the map:

The information is reported based on the location of the blue pin. The blue pin location is controlled in three ways:

  • Typing an address or place into the ‘Search places’ box above the map
  • Clicking the map
  • Checking the option in mapBuilder to ‘Center map on user location’ *

This last option (shown above) is very powerful, as it enables you to build one custom map, and when your customers/users visit the map they will automatically be placed on the map based on their current location…and will immediately know if they are within your custom area or not. *

The same is true if you are using the custom color-coded map to show delivery zones, for example. The user/customer will immediately know which zone they are located in: *

* Note that this location is based on your device’s location, which is typically more accurate in smartphones that in desktop computers. You can always double-check the location is correct by typing the address into the ‘Search places’ box above the map.

Happy mapping!

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