Have it Your Way: Section Township and Range

If you’ve used the Section Township Range map tool, you probably already know that you can search by address or place using the Search places box above the map, or you can find a particular parcel using the Find parcel tool at the bottom of the map:

Now there are additional ways to get to the Section Township Range map that you want to see.

First, you can go Section Township Range Maps by State or Individual County Maps of Section Township and Range found in the Reference Maps section, such as this map of Sarpy County, Nebraska:

Section Township and Range Maps by County example

Once on the map tool page, you’ll see on the map just those Sections, Townships and Ranges that fall completely OR partially within your county of interest. (To see Townships and Ranges outside of your particular county or state, just click anywhere outside the county or state on the map, or search for a new place using the Search Places box above the map.)

Also, when you scroll down to the bottom of the map tool page, you will see several other shortcut links to get you to various other Township and Range maps:

If you want to see township and range by individual U.S. county, use this listing of all U.S. County Maps showing Section Township and Range.

For a full listing of every township and range in the entire U.S., use this listing of all Townships and Ranges in the U.S. Public Land Survey System (this one takes a while to load as it includes the entire Public Land Survey System).

Plus, listings of all Townships and Ranges in the state you are currently viewing, other individual county maps in that state and other state Section Township Range Maps:

I hope this makes it super easy and flexible to get to exactly the flavor of Section Township and Range map you are looking for.

Happy mapping!

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