Create custom areas and add your own points to any map with NEW mapBuilder

mapBuilder, found below the map on most map tool pages on, lets you add custom areas and custom points to any map!

mapBuilder found on most map tool pages

There are three main sections to mapBuilder: Custom Areas, Custom Points and Map Title/Display Options

Within each section, read the description and click the Show Me How button or sample map links to get a feel for what’s possible.

Here’s a screenshot of the Create Custom Areas section, where you can overlay custom areas based on a list of ZIP Codes (5-digit or 3-digit), or you can color-code ZIP Codes or Counties from a live-linked spreadsheet:

For example, here are custom area maps created from a list of 3-digit ZIP Codes to define service territories and another live-linked to a spreadsheet of counties to define sales territories:

Next, here is the Add Custom Points to the Map section, where you can add points from a live-linked spreadsheet containing coordinates or import a file from Google My Maps, Google Earth or other GIS software using a KML file:

Because mapBuilder is available on most map tool pages, that means you can overlay your custom areas or points from different map tools. This is an example of adding custom points from a Google My Maps file on top of an Elevation terrain map or the same file from Google My Maps on top of a Section Township and Range map:

And finally, here is the Set Map Title & Display Options section, where you can add a map title, set colors, set other layer display options (e.g. county lines, city limits, ZIP Codes), choose to show labels, center the map on your present location, and choose your base map (e.g. standard, satellite, terrain):

Once you’re done setting any of the options in any section, choose the View My Map link to view your map.

Then, once you have the map looking how you want it, bookmark the link or link to it from your own website!

Have fun with these new options and experimenting with what can be done! For reading this far, here is a bonus example of adding BOTH custom areas and custom points on the SAME map, plus setting a custom map title and other layer display options:

mapBuilder example adding custom areas and custom points to the same map

Remember, mapBuilder is available just below most map tools, so try it out next time you visit the site!

Note, mapBuilder is available free of charge to everyone, except for the Add Points to any Map section, which is a benefit available only to Ad-Free Fullscreen Monthly Contributors.

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