Quick Links: Reference Maps upgraded to higher resolution, include map labels

The new Reference Maps section on randymajors.org has been upgraded to include higher resolution map images and map labels.  This applies to the following Reference Maps:

Using Texas Counties as an example on the County Maps of each U.S. State page, you’ll see this thumbnail:

You can click the image thumbnails on the reference map pages to go to the interactive map tool focused on your state of interest.

On the map tool page, the interactive map is at the top, and the high resolution static map image is further down the page:

Interactive map tool on top, scroll down to static map image on bottom

To see the static map image in high resolution, while on the map tool page, just right-click on the map image on the bottom of the page and choose ‘Open image in new tab’:

Map of Texas Counties

Shortcut:  To go straight to the high resolution image from the Reference Map pages, you can right-click the image thumbnail and choose ‘Open image in new tab’.

TIP:  If you’ve already visited any of the reference map pages recently, you made need to force your browser to refresh in order to see the latest images.  To force a refresh just go to the page then press Ctrl+F5.

Some of the images, such as civil townships, are quite detailed and you’ll need to zoom in on the image to read the map labels.  (Or just use the Civil Townships on Google Maps interactive map tool for complete flexibility and very high detail.)

I hope these map images prove useful.  Watch for even more detailed county-level map images coming in the future.

Happy mapping!

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