How high are you? That is…What is your elevation?

A quick announcement of two Map Tool enhancements on the website.

Check out how high you are… ok, your current elevation ;) with the What Is My Current Elevation? tool. It looks like this:

Your approximate current elevation if you’re standing at the marked spot in Death Valley, California: -263 feet!

The tool uses your device location, and so is typically more accurate on a mobile device with GPS.

With the other tool enhancement, you can determine your current ZIP Code based based on your device location with the What ZIP Code Am I In? tool. Note that this one works based with larger ZIP Code areas.

These tools can both be found in the Current Location Tools menu of the website.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “How high are you? That is…What is your elevation?”

  1. Greetings – I work for the BSA in TN and need to use Google Maps to show locations for schools and businesses and etc. – AND- I wish to show zip code lines on every map. Can that be done?

    • There is a way to color-code different ZIP Codes from a spreadsheet on this Custom Color-Coded Maps tool, but there is not currently a way to overlay points on the map for the schools, businesses, etc. I may add that kind of functionality down the road.

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