Create a custom Color-Coded map from a spreadsheet containing Counties or ZIP Codes

The Custom Areas on Google Maps tool is being used by hundreds of people per day to create and view custom delivery area maps, service area maps and sales territory maps — helping many small businesses during challenging times.

But dozens of people have asked if they could color-code multiple areas on the same map.  For example, people wanted to create a color-coded map to show delivery zones, real estate demand, all of their company’s sales territories, tax incentive zones, incident case rates, climate/environmental classifications and more. 

Now you can!

Just go to the new Custom Color-Coded Maps tool and use the easy-to-use form below the map.  Using the form, you can map by:

  • County Names + State Abbreviations (2 columns) or
  • 5-digit ZIP Codes (1 column) or
  • 3-digit ZIP Codes (1 column) — best for very large regional or national coverage

All you’ll need to make the map is a spreadsheet saved in Google Sheets containing the geography you wish to map (e.g. counties, ZIP Codes), the data you want to show (e.g. zone name, salesperson) and the colors you want the map to use.  The map is live-linked to the spreadsheet, so if you change the spreadsheet, those changes will automatically be reflected the next time you view the map web page.

Just go to the form and it will step you through exactly how to do everything.  You can have your custom map up and running in as little as a few minutes.

Sample Maps

Click each map to go to the interactive Google Map and explore.

Map of sales territories based on counties:

Custom Color Coded Map using Counties

Map of delivery zones based on 5-digit ZIP Codes:

Custom Color Coded Map using 5-digit ZIP Codes

Map of health or environmental territories based on 3-digit ZIP Codes:

Custom Color Coded Map using 3-digit ZIP Codes

Be sure to read the entire form so you know how to format the spreadsheet correctly and make it available to be viewed by the map tool.

Please feel free to share this tool with others who might find it useful, and leave any comments below.  As with any first version, the tool will be made more powerful with time.  

Happy mapping!

Note:  The Custom Color-Coded Maps tool is available for U.S. locations only.  Other countries may be added in the future.

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