NEW: Share your map with one click

Now available on most map tools on, use the “Share Map…” button to create a shareable link that remembers all of the following:

  • which map tool you are using (e.g. City Limits on Google Maps, Elevation on Google Maps)
  • what point you had clicked on the map (or had searched for using the “Search places” box above the map)
  • how far zoomed in or out you want the map to display
  • optionally, a title for your map

Here’s an example, sharing a map from the City Limits on Google Maps tool, centered on Ocala, Florida:

Share Map button on City Limits on Google Maps tool

In this example, I have added a map title where it says “title=” at the end of the text box.  This produces the following link (click to see the finished result):

Or, to make it more pretty, you can title the link and embed the link address, like this (again, click to see the finished result):

City limits of Ocala, FL

And here’s another example, showing an elevation contours map centered on the Gangtey Monestery in Bhutan:

Share Map button on Elevation on Google Maps tool

Links for this map:,%20Bhutan

Gangtey Monestery, Bhutan

To use the Share Map button:

  1. open the map tool of your choice in the Map Tools menu in the upper left
  2. center the map where you want it either by clicking the map or using the “Search places” box above the map
  3. zoom in or out on the map using the + and – buttons on the map
  4. click the “Share Map…” button on the left side of the map
  5. right-click the link that appears and click “Copy Link Address” (or, if you want to add a custom title, edit the map title after “title=” in the textbox that appears and then copy the text in the textbox)
  6. paste the link whereever you want to share it (e.g. another website, an email, a blog post, a forum, facebook, twitter etc)

Power tip:  To share maps containing more than just a point, check out the map tools in the Custom Map Tools menu in the upper left corner of the website.  For example, create custom delivery area maps using the Custom Areas using ZIP Codes tool

Hope you find this new functionality useful!

Happy map sharing!

2 thoughts on “NEW: Share your map with one click”

  1. Hello. I've been finding your maps with county labels and city limits very useful for a project of mine. I would like to offer some feedback, though. If there's an error displaying parts of the map, could you please have the error message in a bar at the top of the map, rather than in the middle of the map, blocking much of the window, and fading out the other parts of the map outside the error box? Often, I have to look at the map for several minutes at a time. If the error I was mentioning pops up, I have to refresh the page, go back to the location I was looking at, and check the boxes for county labels and city boundaries all over again, which takes up a lot of time. Please consider my feedback and fix the way the error message is displayed. Thank you

    • Thank you for the feedback. I definitely understand what you're saying and agree. Unfortunately these are backend errors on Google servers when this happens, so I don't have control over how to display the error. There seems to be work underway to upgrade the map servers, so I am hoping (crossing fingers) that this will eliminate the errors.

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