Free resource to help retailers, restaurants & small businesses closed due to SaH/SiP

During this challenging time for small businesses, this free online resource may help some small businesses amidst the current Stay-at-Home/Shelter-in-Place orders.

For retailers, restaurants and other small businesses that have had to close due to SaH/SiP orders, delivery of their goods directly to customers is an option many are doing or considering to help them get through this.  But a pain-point can be that communicating to customers exactly where they can deliver can be cumbersome or costly, and small business owners don’t have time right now to deal with this.

Easily let customers know where you can deliver!

To that end, I have a well-established tool that many small businesses are using for this purpose.  The tool enables a business to easily show a custom-defined map depicting a delivery/service area based on a list of ZIP CodesCustom Territories using ZIP Codes on Google Maps.

Here’s an example of one of the small businesses using my tool (I have no affiliation with this business, it’s just an example).  On their website, they show their delivery area:

Example of ZIP Codes based delivery area

In this example, this small business simply created a “Launch Map” button that is a link to my Custom Territories using ZIP Codes tool.  The button is simply a link that includes a list of ZIP Codes and a map title like this.

Interactive Zip Code based delivery area exampleNote this retailer decided to include a map on their website, but that is not required…it can be as simple as a small link pointing to a ZIP Code list as shown above.  When the customer clicks the link or button, they get an interactive, zoomable, searchable Google Map like this (click the image to see the interactive Google map):

Without this free resource, the ability to create a ZIP Code based delivery area map can be very cumbersome or costly.  This tool makes it super easy (and free!).

Tool just updated:  Now it’s easier than ever to create your custom delivery area map based on ZIP Codes by using this simple form found here:

Custom Delivery Areas on Google Maps

A lot of people seem to do a Google search for ‘Create territory map with ZIP Codes free’.  This is how to do just that!  To zoom to one or multiple ZIP Codes, and optionally show their boundary (e.g. for a service territory, sales territory or delivery area), see instructions here:

Custom Territories using ZIP Codes on Google Maps

By the way, if you or someone you know wants to use this, just do so…no need to ask permission or anything first!  But of course, if you need help, feel free to use the contact form on the lower left side of this website.

During this challenging time, if this free tool helps even one small business maintain customers and keep their business going, my effort to create and maintain this free resource will have been more than worth it.

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