Check out the new Custom Maps on Google Maps tool

The new Custom Maps on Google Maps makes it easy to create your own custom Google Map using any combination of ZIP Codes, counties, cities and more!

You can use this tool to quickly create:

  • sales territory maps
  • delivery area maps
  • service area maps

…all on Google Maps!

If your territory is composed of dozens of ZIP Codes, you can choose to ‘merge’ them to show an overall territory boundary.  Then, add your own title to the map, and even choose colors.

An example link you create looks like this:,10024,10025,10026&zipboundary=show&title=My+Service+Territory

The resulting map would look something like this:

Be sure and read the full instructions starting at “How do you create your own sales territory, delivery area, or service area map based on ZIP Codes?

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