New tool shows what county you are in right now

What county am I in?”

That’s one of the most common Google search terms that people use where appears in Google’s search results page.

Given that’s evidently a popular query, I thought I’d make it easy for people to immediately get the answer to their question.  Just go to this page:

Or even easier, you can just click this to see what county you’re currently in:

You’ll get a map with the answer at the top, like this:

what county am I in

TIP:  If you’re traveling about and already have the map open, you can just click the “⊕ Locate” button in the upper right corner of the map to update your location on the map.

Why might this be useful?

Well, if you’re currently at home or your work office, you very likely already know what county you are in.  But if you’re traveling, you might want to use your mobile phone to determine what county you are currently in.  Based on user survey results from this past summer, users commonly want to know their current county for these purposes, to name a few:

  • house hunting/real estate
  • determining sales territory
  • field research
  • volunteer/emergency work
  • determining jurisdiction
  • sales tax
  • various hobbies such as geocaching
  • general interest

For this to work, you must have location services enabled on your mobile phone/browser/computer, and if asked “Allow to use your current location?”, answer yes.

Hope this makes it one step easier to find out what county you are in!

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