New Tool shows Elevations on Google Maps, all over the world

With the new Elevation on Google Maps tool, you can find the elevation of any place worldwide.

Use the “Search places” box to type an address, city or other place, and see it’s approximate elevation, or just explore by clicking around the map.  In addition to elevation, the tool will also display other information about your chosen location, such as city, county, state, country and latitude/longitude.

Here’s an example showing the historic center of Mexico City at about 7,359 feet:

Elevation on Google Maps tool showing Elevation of Mexico City

Want to see an elevation profile along your path or route?

Just click the blue “Elevation Profile…” button on the left side of the map.  Then, slowly draw the path by clicking along your desired route, then click “Stop Drawing” when you’re done. (You can also just draw a straight line if you want to see the elevation profile across a whole state, for example).  Here’s an Elevation Profile across Colorado:

Elevation on Google Maps tool showing Elevation Profile across Colorado

Want to use the metric system?  You can also change the units from feet/miles to meters/kilometers by clicking the “Use m/km” button.

One more cool feature:  Ever been curious about other places that are the same elevation?  For instance, if I search for Madrid and check the “Show similar elevations” (then zoom the map out), I get a map showing a set of contour lines representing all the places within +/- 50ft elevation (or +/- 50m):

Elevation on Google Maps tool showing similar elevations to Madrid


If you’re any kind of card-carrying map geek like me, you’ll find that feature pretty fun to play with! ;)

For a more complete understanding of the capabilities, be sure and read the QUICK TIPS and the COVERAGE NOTES below the Elevation on Google Maps tool.

Please feel free to share this tool with your friends, and leave any comments below!


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