Create a custom County Lines map or ZIP Code-based Sales/Service/Delivery Area map on the fly — overlaid on Google Maps

I’ve had requests from several people to add the capability to create links on their website that would open up the County Lines on Google Maps tool already focused on their region of interest.

Several have also wondered if there is a way to create a ZIP Code-based Sales/Service/Delivery Area map on the fly.

Now you can!  Here’s how it works:

Create a map zoomed to a State and show County Name labels

To simply zoom to a state and optionally show county name labels and a map title, create a link such as this:

TIP: copy/paste the links below and customize to suit your needs

The parameters you can use are as follows:

  • state – expects a 2-character state code as used by the USPS, for example, ?state=CT
  • onestate – optionally shows ONLY the counties in the state specified by the state parameter by using the word show, as in, &onestate=show (in other words, this will hide the county boundaries that are outside of your state of interest)
  • title – optionally give your map a title (use the + character to represent spaces), for example, &title=Connecticut+Counties
  • labels – optionally shows county labels by using the word show, as in, &labels=show
  • color – optionally choose the color used for the Map Title, expects a 6-character hex color code without the leading # character, for example, &color=00ff00 would create a green map title (free tools are widely available on the internet to find your hex color)

Create a map zoomed to a ZIP Code-based Delivery Area/Service Area/Sales Territory and add Title, Colors etc

Tool just updated:  Now it’s easier than ever to create your custom delivery area map based on ZIP Codes by using this simple form found here:

Custom Delivery Areas on Google Maps

A lot of people seem to do a Google search for ‘Create territory map with ZIP Codes free’.  This is how to do just that!  To zoom to one or multiple ZIP Codes, and show the overall boundary (e.g. for a service area, sales territory or delivery area), see instructions here:

Custom Territories using ZIP Codes on Google Maps

Maps created from the above two examples

The first example links you to a County Lines map centered on Connecticut, showing you the county lines and labeling the names of the counties on the map:

The second example creates a Service Territory Map based on a list of ZIP Codes and creates a title for the map:

With this functionality, you can feel free to create links on your own website that open a window to the Custom Google Maps Tool, zoomed into your area of interest and showing a ZIP Code based sales territory, service territory or delivery area!

Feel free to share this with others who may find this functionality useful!

NOTE:  The above article relates to PRESENT-day County Lines.  Here are the instructions for linking to HISTORICAL County Lines.

5 thoughts on “Create a custom County Lines map or ZIP Code-based Sales/Service/Delivery Area map on the fly — overlaid on Google Maps”

  1. This is great but I need to add a list zip code areas as a layer over existing layers I already created in Google Maps by importing data from Excel. Anyway I could import this in a file format not as a URL?

    • Thanks! Sorry, I don't have the capability to export the layers unfortunately. I will soon likely be adding the ability to color-code zip codes or counties by an Google Sheets data field. For example, to create sales territories, or to depict different data ranges in different colors, etc.

  2. I would like to show a map of contiguous counties (in my case 10 metro Atlanta counties). The user on my website would click on one of the 10 county names from a list presented on a panel next to the 10 county map (on the same screen). The 10 county map would zoom in and show just the selected county. Possible with existing tools?

  3. I love your tool! Entering zips to create a boundary is amazing!

    One add-on I would pay big money for? Ability to export said boundaries to KML/KMZ files. Can you please make it happen!?

    • Thanks! Glad you like it!! Wish I could on the kml/kmz but the technology environment I’m using doesn’t allow it at this time. Will keep it on the wish list!

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