A Colorful Post about City Limits and ZIP Codes

This post is all about color.  In particular, adding color to the city limits and ZIP Codes in these tools:

A few people have wondered if I could add color to the city limits — you know — kind of like in those old Rand McNally road atlases, or National Geographic maps.

Now, the city limits are colored in by default.  So when you use the City Limits map tool, the map will look like this:

City Limits in the Los Angeles Area on Google Maps, colorized

This should make it much easier to distinguish the individual cities, especially in large metropolitan areas.  (In the past, the city limit lines were all red, making difficult to distinguish the individual cities from one another.)

Here’s a before and after with ZIP Codes, including labels.

Without color:

Arkansas ZIP Codes on Google Maps, all red lines

And Colorized using the button in the upper left of the ZIP Codes map:

Arkansas ZIP Codes on Google Maps, colorized

Hopefully, this enhancement makes the maps a little easier on the eyes ;)

Check out these new enhancements here:

Enjoy, leave comments, and share with those who care!

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