See for miles and miles…or at least a few more inches

Probably the most common request I hear is something along the lines of “can you make the map window larger?”

Well the wait is finally over.  All of the map windows are now optimized to fill more of your screen, no matter what your screen resolution is.

This update applies to County Lines on Google Maps, City Limits on Google Maps, Township Range on Google Maps, ZIP Codes on Google Maps, Location Explorer on Google Maps, Historical U.S. County Boundary Maps, Climate Info on Google Maps, Time Zones on Google Maps and Area Codes on Google Maps.

For those on slightly lower resolution screens, your map window was likely already filling a decent amount of the screen, but for those on higher resolutions, the map window may have been taking up only half of the screen height.

I’ve also made the header and top margins smaller on the website, and made the map tool pages fill up the entire screen width.  Hint:  if you want to map even a little larger, you can click the ‘expand’ button in the upper right of most map windows.

And finally, on an unrelated note:  In the spirit of a little fun and continuing to expand our geographic horizons, you’ll notice that the map tools all open to a different random location each time you go to a tool.  For example, the first time I opened the County Lines on Google Maps tool, it randomly took me to Franklin County, Massachusetts.  The next time I opened it, the map was focused on Thurston County, Washington:

I thought this would be a fun way to learn about areas we may not be familiar with.

As usual, once the map opens, you can then go to your place of interest by either typing a place or address in the “Search places” box above the map, or use the zoom tools and explore.

Also, if you’re using the Historical U.S. County Boundary Maps tool, you can now see across multiple state lines at the same time!  The tool will also let you if there is ever an overlapping jurisdictional claim.  Here’s the Utah/Colorado border area in 1880:


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