How can I improve the mapping and search tools for you?

With many tools getting quite a lot of usage on the website, it’s a good time for me to ask users what I can do to improve the tools.

I’d be grateful if you would take a few minutes to provide feedback on the tools you use by following the links below.  Your feedback will help ensure I focus on the things that are most important (including new tools you wish existed!).

Please click links or images below to be taken to the survey for that tool.  Your responses will remain anonymous.  (Visit the tools using the links on the right side of this page; visit the surveys using the links below.)

County Lines on Google Maps (this is the present-day county lines tool, see the historical county lines tool below)

ZIP Codes on Google Maps

Historical U.S. County Boundary Maps (this is the historical county lines tool, see the present-day county lines tool above)

AncestorSearch: Google Custom Search

City Limits on Google Maps

Location Explorer on Google Maps

Climate Info on Google Maps

Thanks so much for your time!


4 thoughts on “How can I improve the mapping and search tools for you?”

  1. You probably get this kind of question a lot, but could you possibly overlay both historical and current boundaries?

    • Hi Steve, Good idea! I actually hadn't heard that request (surprisingly!).
      Anyway, I was able to implement that enhancement today. So if you go the Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps tool, you will now see an option to "Also show present-day counties" in the lower left of the map. Then, based on where you search or click, you'll see the historical county info at the top of the map in brown, and also at the top of the map in red small font (next to Lat/Long) you'll see the present-day county name. (I kept the font fairly small as I didn't want to create confusion with regard to the historic county name).

    • Whoa – quick response, thanks! This is especially helpful in Georgia, where our counties have undergone ridiculous splits and changes over the years.

      Thanks again!

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