How can you see city limits on Google Maps?

Short answer…you can’t. Except for one at a time, like this, where I typed “St Louis” in standard Google Maps:

But what if (for some reason) you want to see ALL of the city limits in an area.  Well now you can here:  City Limits on Google Maps

It looks like this:

The city limits can be very detailed and so may take a few moments to draw:

Despite this being somewhat of a mess to look at, I’ve had several people who have been using my County Lines on Google Maps tool who have requested being able to view city limits on Google Maps.  Why?  Here are some possible reasons:

  • To be able to type an address and know what city it’s in or if it’s in an unincorporated area
  • To be able to explore the map interactively and see city boundaries around your neighborhood of interest
  • To quickly answer jurisdictional questions about an address, point or neighborhood on a map
  • To find what areas around your metro area are unincorporated, meaning that they may not have local sales tax there. (Note: I’m not giving tax advice; talk to your tax advisor for that :) )
  • Any of a number of real estate related queries where knowing the city comes into play

What other uses do you have for seeing City Limits on Google Maps?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

(This is version 1.0, so please also let me know if you encounter errors.)

Also, another mapping tool I just released:  Area Codes on Google Maps

3 thoughts on “How can you see city limits on Google Maps?”

  1. could you add a full screen option for the map? And a print option for the full screen view?

  2. Thank you, Randy! Another use is to view former river channels. Often creation of reservoirs and changes to the channel of a river do not affect the municipal boundary. The current boundary then reflects the former river.

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