First County Lines, now ZIP Code boundaries on Google Maps!

QUICK LINK TO ZIP CODES:  ZIP Codes on Google Maps

QUICK LINK TO COUNTY LINES:  County Lines on Google Maps

After the great response to my County Lines on Google Maps tool, I’ve heard a number of suggestions for other types of boundaries that Google Maps doesn’t show.  One that has come up a number of times is for ZIP Codes.

Yes, you can see one ZIP Code boundary at a time on Google Maps desktop version, but that’s of limited use if you’re trying to see all of the ZIP Codes in an area and don’t know what they are (for example, it’s not intuitive how to get Google Maps to show the ZIP Code boundary for the place adjacent to the current ZIP Code you’re viewing).

So I’ve created another free tool that shows ZIP Code boundaries on Google Maps here:  ZIP Codes on Google Maps

As with the other tools, just type any address or place name, then click Go!  Zip Code boundaries will appear near your chosen place, and the ZIP Code will appear at the bottom of the map, as with this example around Providence.

Click around on the map to see the ZIP Codes for where you clicked, or type another address or place name to see the ZIP Code boundaries there.

Sorry for those outside the U.S., this tool currently only supports U.S. locations.  Depending on demand, I may add postal codes for other countries in the future.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below, and share with anyone you think may find this tool useful.

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