Noteworthy enhancements to County Lines on Google Maps tool

I’ve just updated the new County Lines on Google Maps tool to include a few noteworthy enhancements:

1.  You can now view counties across multiple states at the same time.  This can be especially useful if you’re exploring an area near a state line, as shown below.  The county and state name is displayed at the bottom of the map.

2.  Once you’ve typed in your initial place of interest, you can then click around the map to display other counties, or type a new place if you prefer.  The performance speed for doing all of this has been improved considerably.

And, as mentioned in a recent post:

3.  Counties can now be viewed for the UK, Ireland and Australia as well!

(If you’re looking for Historical U.S. County Boundaries, that tool can be found here.)

Feel free to share with anyone you think would find this tool useful, and leave any comments or enhancement suggestions below.

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