Heads-up for those using Ancestry.com’s App for iPhone and iPad

UPDATE:  Ancestry.com’s App version 3.0.1 released 20 Nov 2011 has fixed the problem reported here.

After having some problems with Ancestry.com’s App on my iPad 2 a few days ago, I called their support. After their support representative talked to the App developers, she got back to me later that day that she was informed that the App “broke” under Apple’s new iOS 5. She said that “the programmers upstairs are working on it and you should be getting an update right on your phone” or iPad. No ETA given.

Quick background: I recently started using Family Tree Maker 2012 with it’s new TreeSync that synchronizes FTM2012 with Ancestry Member Trees online, and supposedly works with the App too. The FTM to AMT sync functionality was working fine, so I went on to check out how it would work with the iPad App on my iPad 2, which I had recently upgraded to Apple’s iOS 5. It didn’t work. The symptoms were that the App said it was downloading 8651 people (the correct count), then it said “Processing 8671” (note the incorrect count). Then, when the tree appeared, only around 300 truly random people appeared in the entire tree and index, not even including myself. I exited, deleted the App, rebooted, reinstalled the App, and tried again. Same exact symptoms and results. That’s when I called Ancestry and later that day found out the App broke under iOS 5.

So, if you use Ancestry’s App, you may want to hold off upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 5. Or be aware that you may not be able to use the App until Ancestry pushes an update to your iPhone or iPad.

Based on some discussions on Google+, this issue may not be happening to everyone using iOS 5.

Has anybody else ran into this issue with the App?

UPDATE:  Ancestry.com’s App version 3.0.1 released 20 Nov 2011 has fixed the problem reported here.

12 thoughts on “Heads-up for those using Ancestry.com’s App for iPhone and iPad”

  1. Hi, the same thing has happened to me now Ancestry is using Flashplayer and as Apple does not support Flashplayer, I now can't access my original censuses ! I called Ancestry just now and was told that is the case. I told him that they are going back in time as the site proclaims but for technology reasons !!!

  2. I have the same issue. Trees download but never appear. I had spent two weeks getting my data in order to show to all the family at Thanksgiving. I guess that won't happen now.

  3. Darn… I'm trying a free month of ancestry.com especially to try the iPad app. Looks like I won't get to see it. Been battling this for two of my four weeks. Even tried to go back on the IOS but could not do that.

  4. Same problem here. Says its donwloading, then says its processing (a different number of names), then it only shows a fraction of the records. Seems like a long time to get an upgrade for iOS 5.

  5. I am having the same problem. I only have 1500+ names and the tree won't load. Now I know why. Thanks for the info. I hope they update soon.

  6. I am having the same issue since I downloaded iOS 5 on my iPad. I have contacted ancestry twice. They tell me the same thing, that they are working on a solution.
    I know it did work with the 2012 tree sync with the old iOS since I used it and it worked wonderfully!
    I hope they get it fixed soon. I have a pc that I can use but it is so convenient to use the app.

  7. Thank you for posting this! You are the only person I've been able to find that is having the same issues, and was beginning to losse my mind since my brother has no problems. I downloaded the app for the first time when I got iOS5 on my iphone and it goes through the whole downloading and processing people thing, but then gives me NO PEOPLE at all. As if 3500 people doen't exist in my tree. Hopefully they fix it soon.

  8. Thank you for posting this. I have had the same problem. The funny thing is that I upgraded to FTM 2012 right after I purchased a new iPhone with iOS 5 and had backed everything up from my iPhone 3GS. In order to use FTM 2012 and the synching feature, I had to upload a new tree to ancestry. The tree that was set up with the previous iOS worked just fine. The new synched up tree did not. Sorry if this was confusing.

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