First U.S. Counties…now The World!

Please see an update to this post here.

It’s great to see that so many people are getting good use from the Historical U.S. County Boundary Maps interactive tool on this blog.  (There’s a write-up on the tool here.)

A number of people have requested historical World country boundary maps as well, so I’ve built another interactive map tool for that:  Historical World Boundary Maps

UPDATE: The Historical World Boundary Maps tool has been updated to include boundaries from 2000 BC to 2008 AD.

Just type in a PRESENT-day city and country, and a HISTORICAL year, and click Go! The boundaries will appear, and you can then click the map to see what the name of the country, empire, or kingdom was at that location for the year you typed.

Note: The information for all years prior to 1946 includes very generalized boundaries, very rough timeframes for the boundaries, and includes some errors and omissions. As such, the information for that timeframe should be used as a very rough guide only.

Have fun with it!

Please see an update to this post here.

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  1. Only just yesterday I was looking up Poland's history with the Prussian and Russian empires of the past chipping away at it. It's good to see effort at the global level here as Europe would be more interesting than the US I should think and if you wanted to pick a country with a varied history in terms of boundaries you'd be hard pushed to find a more interesting specimen than Poland:

    ‪Historical Maps 3 – The Partitions of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1764 – 1795‬‏ – YouTube:

    For this though, you'll need to go back a little further.

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