Moon 23 September 2004, 9PM.  Using Meade Lunar and Planetary Imager (LPI) on Meade ETX-125 UHTC telescope. Sun and sunspots 07 November 2004, 347PM.  Using Meade LPI with on ETX-125 UHTC telescope; stacked 20 0.008 second exposures Jupiter and 4 moons 07 November 2004, 6AM.  Using Meade Lunar and Planetary Imager (LPI) on Meade ETX-125 UHTC telescope; stacked 40 0.088 second exposures.  

Temple, Basilica, Cathedral, and Church

Left to right:   Wat Arun Rachawararam, the Temple of Dawn, 1-Feb-2004 (Bangkok, Thailand – 17th century) Saint Basil’s basilica, 19-Nov-2003 (Moscow, Russia – 1554) Saint Louis Cathedral, 4-Aug-2003 (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States – 1720) Christ Church, 8-Jun-2003 (London, England, United Kingdom – 1845)

Road-trip to Belize, summer of 1990

Map of Belize Hand-drawn map of Belize, drawn after returning to Colorado.  We began the 1990 driving trip to Belize in Denver, Colorado, traveling through New Mexico, Texas, down along Mexico’s Gulf Coast, and into Belize.  Along the way, and in Belize, we camped on the beaches and lived off the land for several weeks. Ancient Mayan Artifacts Artifacts discovered at Shipstern, an unexcavated Mayan ruin in northeastern Belize.  Clockwise from upper-left: rock sphere used for grinding grain, bead, human tooth, black coral, small jade cooking axe/knife. Artifacts from a Shipwreck Artifacts discovered on the coastline near Shipstern, an unexcavated … Read more