Making research easier by incorporating publicly available map data into Google Maps-based tools

Map Tools

The main interactive map tools, organized by primary topic. These maps can be customized using the mapBuilder tool found below each map.

Current Location Tools

These maps quickly show you where you are based on your device location. Organized by primary topic.

Custom Map Tools

Create custom area maps and color-coded maps from U.S. ZIP Codes or Counties

Ancestry / Research Tools

Specialized map and search tools useful for genealogy, historical research and present-day research

See counties as they were in every historic year since each state’s inception, overlaid on a present-day interactive map

Historical U.S. County Maps by State by Year

Individual U.S. State MAPS

Interactive maps and static reference maps of every U.S. State, organized by topic

Individual U.S. COUNTY MAPS

Interactive maps and static reference maps of every county in the U.S., organized by topic

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